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March 26, 2020

Dear Parents and Guardians of JICS Students,

I sincerely hope this letter finds you and your family safe and in good health. As we all deal with this extraordinary situation, I want to write and let you know the next steps for JICS to ensure the on-going education for all James Irwin students at their respective schools.

The leadership team, under the direction of Principal Rob Daugherty, has been working for the last ten days to create an effective distance learning program.  The JICS distance learning school will begin on March 31.

We have customized different distance learning programs to each school level, as appropriate to each school’s considerations given the age group of the students and methods involved:
    – The principal of each JICS school that your student(s) attend will be sending you an email or text with instructions on accessing the teaching, materials, quizzes, and tests necessary for your student to move ahead academically and receive credit at the end of this school year. This specific and important communication will be sent on Friday, March 27.
    – Once instruction starts, contact your student’s teacher first with any problems or questions,
                        – You can find their email address on our web site
                        – Select the “School Page”, Read More”  and then select your student’s teacher.

At present, schools in Colorado are scheduled to re-open on April 20. However, it is very possible that we will finish the school year with distance learning, based on the experiences from other states. It is therefore necessary that all students participate in the JICS distance learning classes starting March 31 if they are to receive academic credit for this spring semester to enable them to graduate or promote to the next grade level.

Recently you received a JICS Technology Survey. This is essential. If you have not submitted your Technology Survey response, please do so by Friday, March 27. As we start the distance learning instruction, should you have technology problems at that point, let your student’s teacher know, and she or he will pass it on to our IT department and to the school principals who will work together to find a solution.


Jonathan Berg, CEO
James Irwin Charter Schools