fountain-pens-865998_640Welcome to Admissions for James Irwin Charter Schools.  Our schools are award-winning, tuition-free public schools of choice and we welcome applications from all across the Pikes Peak region. We invite you to explore all of the Admissions tabs to learn more about the admissions process.

The admissions process for our schools has multiple steps and we recognize and appreciate that this may be a  new experience for you.  These steps have been implemented with great care and concern for what is best for students and we welcome your questions as you move through the process.  It is always our goal to ensure every student is properly placed and set up for success when they begin their journey as a student in our schools.

One of the steps that may be a new experience is the Lottery.   Every year, the number of students completing applications exceeds the available spaces for most of our grades and schools.  When that happens, a lottery is conducted each year in February to prioritize the wait list.  These lotteries are held for each campus as needed.  Please see the Lottery page of this website for further information about this process.

We encourage you to complete and turn in all paperwork and documentation as quickly as possible in order to expedite the process.  After submitting your application, please check your SchoolMint account often to see where your child may be on the wait list, RSVP for placement testing and the required parent information meeting and to keep your contact information updated.

Our wait lists can move quickly so please stay encouraged if your student doesn’t have a spot on the day of the Lottery or when you submit your application.  By you moving forward to complete all the steps in advance, it will assist greatly in ensuring your student is ready to be enrolled as soon as that spot becomes available.

Please note – Kindergartners must be 5 years old by July 1st of the year they want to enter kindergarten.  First graders must be 6 years old by September 15th of the year they want to enter 1st grade.

Notice of Non-Discrimination Policy
Students shall be considered for admission into JICS without regard to disability, race, creed, color, gender, national origin, religion, ancestry, or need for special education services.