If the number of students completing applications exceeds the available spaces for any grade, a lottery by grade and priority group will be held to prioritize the wait list.

  1. All applications received by January 31st, 2018 will be included in the 2018-19 lottery. Click here to apply.
  2. Priority groups for each of the campuses can be viewed by clicking the link for the appropriate campus.    Astrozon Campus;   Howard Campus PTEC.
  3. Applications received after January 31st will be entered in date/time order and no priority status will be given.
  4. The lottery will be held in February each year and invitations to the lottery will be sent via SchoolMint to all families from whom an application was received by January 31st.
  5. Available spots in each grade level are assigned by computer randomization for each priority group.
  6. Wait list numbers are assigned by computer randomization for students who do not receive a spot in the lottery.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. If my student does not receive a spot or I choose to decline an offered spot, will James Irwin Charter Schools keep my application for the following year?
A.  Waiting lists are not maintained from year to year; students on the waiting list who are not offered admission or decline a spot and wish to be considered for admission the following year must submit a new application for the following year.

Q. Once my student has received a wait list number, can someone else be bumped above me?
A.  If you do not attend your assigned parent meeting and/or testing date and do not notify us before that date that you are unable to attend, your student will be moved to the bottom of the wait list.  After the second time, your student will be removed from the wait list.

Q. If my student receives a spot, does that complete the admissions process?
A.  Along with receiving a spot, the admissions process also includes receipt and approval of all required documentation and paperwork as well as attendance at a mandatory parent information meeting.

Q. Why is the parent information meeting mandatory?
A.  Because our programs are so unique, academically rigorous and narrowly focused, it is very important families fully understand what these programs are to ensure our schools will be a good fit for their student.

Q. If one of my students receives a spot, will my other students on the wait list automatically get a spot too or be moved to the sibling priority category?
A.  Spots are made available on an individual basis, not by family.  Sibling priority status is only given to new students during the lottery who have a sibling already attending one of the James Irwin Charter Schools.