James Irwin Charter High School is a member of the Colorado High School Activities Association (CHSAA) and participates in a variety of activities during each season of play.

The cheerleading squad cheers for all of our home basketball games and focuses on school spirit and community. Our track team has seen continued success, including two of our runners taking three state championships in 2013. Alicia Lawrence won the 100M & 200M races, and Miguel Molas won the 100m race at the state meet while Miguel also won in 2014 and both the 100M and 200M titles in 2015.  The boys volleyball team has seen some great success, including being the 3A State Champions in 2013 and State Runners Up in 2011, and the boys soccer team has seen some great accomplishments as they’ve been in the 3A state tournament as high as the #6 seed.

Even more important than these accomplishments, the main purpose of our athletic department is to produce resilient young adults who live to show respect for others.  this is developed by the constant character training through the success and disappointments that come during the seasons.  Becoming a better teammate produces people who are better spouses, employees and citizens.

To participate in interscholastic activities here at James Irwin, you must first make sure you have a physical completed by a doctor with the CHSAA form filled out (available in the Athletic Packet here on the website) prior to tryouts of the activity in which you wish to participate. The other forms in the Athletic Packet must also be filled out, signed and turned into the Athletic Office before participation begins. Currently, there is an $85.00 athletic fee ($42.50 for those who qualify for free and reduced lunch) and a transportation fee (up to $100.00) for each activity in which a student participates. Those fees are expected to be paid before any player plays in any game for the season, unless arrangements are made with the Athletic Office ahead of time.

Participation in any extra-curricular activity is a privilege at James Irwin, and all academic standards (minimum 2.0 GPA with no failing grades) must be maintained to compete and continue throughout the length of the season. All athletes are expected to demonstrate the core values we teach here at James Irwin (Honesty, Integrity, Respect, Responsibility and Excellence). These values are expected to be demonstrated even in the midst of competition on the court or field and in every activity of our school. Participation with any of our teams should produce characteristics of teamwork, leadership, responsibility, hard work, and integrity as each team member strives to work together to accomplish their goals throughout the season.

We hope that participation in our programs will result in our students getting a balanced education with our rigorous academic standards in the classroom and high standards we expect from our athletes as well. We are honored to have the opportunity to be a part of your student’s education and development!