James Irwin Charter Schools – Collaborative Board

The collaborative board has ultimate responsibility for the network of all James Irwin Charter Schools. The charter schools in the collaborative may have different governance structures. However, the collaborative board enters into an agreement with each school to provide specific services. Generally, these services are operations, facilities, financial management, educational program, and human relations. The collaborative board implements the vision of James Irwin Charter Schools.

James Irwin Charter Academy and Power Technical Early College are under the leadership of the collaborative board.

The Astrozon Campus Board 

The three original James Irwin Schools were James Irwin Charter High School, James Irwin Charter Middle School and James Irwin Charter Elementary School. Originally established under separate charter contracts, all three schools are governed by a single charter school governing board. This board has responsibility for governance for the three schools. These charters are authorized by the Harrison 2 School District.