A-1 – Table of Contents – Policy

A-1A – Purpose of the JICS Policy Manual – Policy

A-1B – The Vision, Philosophy, Mission, and Values – Policy

A-1C-DC Articles of Inc

A-1D – Bylaws of JICS – Policy

A-1D-DC Bylaws of JICS Amended

A-1E – Authorizer Contracts – Policy

A-1E-DC1 Elementary School contract

A-1E-DC2 JICA Contract

A-1E-DC3 Middle school contract

A-1E-DC4 High School contract

A-1E-DC5 PTEC Contract

A-1F – Policies waived by statute, State BOE – Policy

A-1F-DC1 – Waivers State BOE – Policy enclosure

A-1F-DC2 – Waivers JICA – Polciy enclosure.docx

A-1F-DC3 – Waivers PTEC – Policy enclosure.docx

A-1F-DC4-A – Waivers JICES – Policy enclosure

A-1F-DC4-B – Waivers JICMS – Policy enclosure.docx

A-1F-DC4-C – Waivers JICHS – Policy enclosure.docx

A-1G – Strategic Plan of JICS – Policy

A-4B Conflict of Interest – Policy

Title I Parent Policy