ACADEMY SCHOOL PTO BYLAWS – Proposed- Revision A – July 17, 2013

Article One:

The name of this organization is hereby called the James Irwin Charter Academy School Parent/Teacher Organization, hereafter referred to as PTO, a local with Colorado Charter School Institute.
A. 2013-2014: JICA PTO will be single central with JICES PTO
B. 2014-2015: Election will be held for JICA PTO. JICA PTO will shadow JICES PTO.
C. 2015-2016: JICA PTO will be an independent working PTO.

Article Two:

1. To foster a positive working relationship among students, parents, school personnel, and the community.
2. To promote united efforts between home, school, and community to provide a variety of educational and fun experiences.
3. To support academic excellence.
4. To create pride in students, parents, teachers, and in the community of the school.

Article Three:

1. Quorum – In order to constitute a quorum at any PTO meeting, five PTO members must be present. If there are not sufficient members of the PTO present to constitute a quorum, the PTO may not transact business.
2. Term Limitation – Refers to the number of times a person can hold office.
3. Term Length – One year.


Article Four:

Membership shall consist of:
1. Parents/guardians of children attending James Irwin Charter Academy.
2. Staff of James Irwin Charter Academy.

Article Five:

1. To be an elected officer you must have a child enrolled in James Irwin Charter Academy.
2. JICA staff as PTO officers: Any part time staff may hold positions as PTO officers. Other JICA staff cannot hold positions as officers.
3. Any officer missing more than three (3) meetings without notification to another officer with reason for absences will be removed from office. An election will be held to fill the vacant position. Officers missing meetings should contact the PTO Secretary for updates on previous meetings.
4. Elections to fill upcoming vacancies will be held annually in April.
5. Officers are elected by PTO voting members. Officers have no term limitations.
6. In the event that a President involuntary resigns his/her position, the Vice-President will fill the vacancy until ratification. The appointment must be ratified by a majority vote at the next scheduled general meeting.
7. In the event that an elected officer resigns in the middle of their term, the PTO President will appoint an interim officer (at the next scheduled PTO meeting to fill the vacancy). Resignation shall be given in person or written form at the next scheduled PTO meeting. Any resigning officer who does not follow proper resignation notification procedures forfeits eligibility for future officer positions.


Article Six

Duties of Officers:
1. Conduct all meetings using standard procedures (to be defined by the PTO President).
2. Appoint interim officers, per procedures in Article 5, item 6.
3. Appoint chairpersons for all committees.
4. Be an ex-officio member of all committees.
5. Prepare the agenda for all meetings.
6. Appoint an audit committee to audit the books for PTO (to be scheduled in May).The audit committee will consist of the following individuals:
a. President
b. Principal or designee
c. One PTO member (non-officer)
d. Incoming Treasurer (if applicable) e. Outgoing Treasurer (if applicable)
7. Conduct budget-planning sessions as needed.

Vice President:
1. Act as an aide to the President and perform duties of the President in his/her absence.
2. Be an ex-officio member of all committees.
3. Perform other duties as assigned.

1. Take silent roll call at all PTO meetings.
2. Maintain a record of all general meetings.
3. Maintain an up-to-date copy of the organizations By-Laws and standard rules.
4. Maintain a current list of committee chairpersons.


Article Six – continued

5. Prepare correspondence as directed by the President.
6. Give notice of time and place of general meetings to PTO members.
7. Perform other duties as assigned.

1. Be the custodian of the organization funds, which shall be deposited in an account at a local financial institution. *1
2. Keep an itemized account of the receipts and expenditures, and have a full account report available at each PTO meeting.
3. Give a brief report at general meetings (beginning balance, total deposits, total expenditures and ending balance).
4. Make payments from the funds on hand for all bills and debts of the organization. No indebtedness of obligation of more than $100 shall be incurred in the name for on behalf of the PTO, unless by vote of the general membership.
5. The President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary and JICA Administrative Assistant will be allowed to co-sign checks. Two qualifying signatures are required on each written check: There must always be a minimum of one JICA PTO officer’s signature.
6. Participate in budget planning meetings.
7. Maintain a petty cash fund of no more than $50.00.
8. The President and Principal will instruct the Treasurer to maintain a reserve amount of no less than $200.00 for the purpose of operation expenses at the beginning of each school year.
9. Deposits will be submitted to the Treasurer within 48 hours of a conclusion of an event.

Article Seven

Standing Committees:

There will be standing committees, including but not limited to:
1. Fundraising Events
2. Classroom Coordinator – as volunteers are available

July 17, 2013

Article Seven Continued:

General Membership Voting:
1. The only votes to be counted are those cast by PTO members present and voting at a PTO meeting.
2. Any decision of the officers may be overridden by a two-thirds majority vote of those members present at any general membership meeting.
3. An absolute majority vote of PTO members present will be required for all other voting purposes, unless specified differently in this document.
4. All voting will be done by a show of hands, unless written votes are suitable.

Article Eight:

Emergency Family Fund:
PTO keeps a reserve fund that can be used for emergency family situations in the amount of $500.00 per semester. This fund will assist families in financial need. This fund will help in obtaining JICA families and JICA students in need of school supplies. This fund will be used only by the Principal as he/she sees fit, with the approval of the PTO. The fund will be maintained through fundraisers set up by the PTO. Recipients’ anonymity and privacy will be respected.

Article Nine:

These by-laws may be amended at any general meeting of the organization by a two-thirds majority vote of the members that are present (or by the Principal.) A notice ofthe proposed amendments must be given in writing at least fourteen days prior to suchmeeting, and that a quorum is present, per Article Three in the PTO Bylaws.

Article Ten:

Two or more interested parties may keep this organization active, one being the President, the other being the Treasurer. In the event of the dissolution of the organization, its assets shall be transferred to James Irwin Charter Academy, under the control of the Principal.

*1 The phrase “account at a local financial institution” used as shown in example bylaws at PTO Today.