Seven Habits Spotlight:  Emotional Bank Account

One of the things that you might hear your students coming home and talking about is an Emotional Bank Account.

Relationships are like bank accounts. If we make deposits, we strengthen the relationship. If we have a strong relationship, it can handle a withdrawal once in a while. But if we make too many withdrawals, the relationship weakens. Withdrawals are things like breaking your word, making fun of someone in a mean way, complaining about or blaming others. Deposits are things like keeping your word, honest sincere compliments or praise, supporting others in their endeavors. Making and keeping commitments is a large deposit because it shows we can be responsible and that we are trustworthy. It is important for students and their parents to figure out what make emotional deposits and withdrawals in their relationships. If a withdrawal is made, then an apology is necessary. Once the withdrawals exceed the deposits, it is hard to restore trust. The best idea is to make many and frequent deposits and enjoy the benefits of a strong trusting relationship.

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