Athletic Philosophy

James Irwin Charter Middle School is part of the newly formed Central Colorado Athletic League (CCAL.)  The league and our athletic programs exists to promote athletics in an academic environment.  As extra-curricular activities, our athletes are expected to put their school work as a top priority.  With that said, a student who wants to participate on an athletic team is expected to be at practices (typically 1 1/2  – 2 hours after school) to prepare and be as competitive as possible and to attend all games unless they are sick or have a family emergency.  This requires the athletes to use their school time wisely and not let athletics adversely affect their academic work.  Students do have to tryout for the teams, and depending on numbers that tryout, there usually are cuts for the team sports.  For volleyball and basketball, we provide 3 levels of teams while the other sports have just one team.  Though not at a completely equal rate, all team members are expected to have playing time at each contest.  As the athletic teams represent James Irwin Charter Middle School in the community, they are also expected to exhibit “JI” behavior at all contests, home or away, as well as in the hallways during school hours.  Discipline problems or grade issues may affect an athletes status and participation in our athletic program.