Below you will find links and instructions on how to set up your Campus Parent account that will allow you to access your student’s information.  If you have an IOS or Android device (smart phone), you may also download and set up the Campus Parent app.  Below is the link with instructions on setting up the app.  NOTE – You will only be able to access information on students for whom you are the parent or legal guardian.

District Code For Campus Parent and Campus Student – JICS

Campus Parent Set Up Guidelines

Mobile App Video Instructions

Instructions for Entering a Security Email for Your Portal Account


Getting Started – Campus Student and Campus Parent

Campus Student and Campus Parent put school information at your fingertips with real-time access to announcements, assignments, attendance, grades, schedules, and more!

Logging in to the App

The Campus Student and Campus Parent apps provide the same tools as the browser version, with the benefit of the option to Stay Logged In and receive push notifications.

  1. Download the app from the App Store or Google Play
  2. Search for the district code of JICS and Colorado for the State.   Select JICS from the list.
  3. Enter your Username and Password, provided by your school.
  4. If using a secure, private device, mark Stay Logged In to receive mobile push notifications, if enabled by your school.
  5. Click Log In!

Logging in from a Web Browser

Students and parents have different login pages.

  1. Visit and click Login at the top right.
  2. Click either Campus Parent or Campus Student.
  3. Enter the Username and Password provided by your school.
  4. Click Log In!

Have an Activation Key?

Your school may provide you with an Activation Key. Use this key to create your own user account.

  1. If using the Campus Parent mobile app, open the app and search for the District Code JICS and Colorado for the state. Skip to step 5.
  2. If using a web browser, visit and click Login.
  3. Click Campus Parent
  4. Click New User?
  5. Enter your Activation Key in the space provided and then Submit.
  6. Enter a Username and Password and click Submit.