In Character. Health and Life Skills class these last two weeks, students completed the YouScience Career-Learning-On-Web-Notice-System (known as YOU-CLOWNS), and are conducting one-on-one sessions with Mr. Duray over the related aptitudes – talents, interests, careers, and career fields.

This is still ongoing as every student spent dedicated time writing and discussing the results with the teacher. A genuine interest has been started regarding working over the summer at the entry level for 14 year olds on up and some have secured a job resulting in positive peer pressure to seek employment. Mr. Elliott, for example, went the extra mile in learning more about investigation careers after high school graduation and last week was tremendously engaged with future careers discussions off the cuff, as were many other students.

Students also conducted learning in entrepreneurship and completed the stress and financial readiness portion of the class which reinforced successful habits by highly successful entrepreneurs while enforcing our cultural standards at PTEC. For example, Mr. Zuckerberg’s morning habit is to wear the same style of clothing so that he does not waste time choosing/trying on outfits – a characteristic noted by the students regarding our dress code at PTEC.

In addition to forward-thinking about careers, our students have embraced physical activity as a form of stress and energy release. Students are seeing the need to exercise to relieve the stresses associated with work. These students know that if they start now, they will create positive habits that will help them when they move into their careers.

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PTEC Daily Announcements 4-16-2019
• The PTEC Spring Luau is happening April 25 from 5-8 pm. The cost is $5 for a hot dinner and entry or $2 to just get in. Family is welcome but non James Irwin friends have to be cleared after they fill out a guest pass form. There will be food, fun, and laughs. Come enjoy the Island Spirit in landlocked Colorado Springs. • April 26th and 29th there is no school for students. • Spirit Week April 22-25. Spirit Day themes will be released soon.

PTEC Daily Announcements 3-11-2019
• This is a reminder that the district will not be serving lunches March 18 through the 22. Please get the order form from your student and buy them lunch or be sure to send them with a lunch each day that week.
• We are starting state testing soon and ask that you hold off on leaving early for vacation or coming back late. If you have questions, please call the office and we will be more than happy to speak with you in person.
• Recently we have had to cut back on student cell phone usage. Students are only allowed to be on their phones before school, after school, or at lunch. If they are on their phones during passing period in order to communicate with you, we ask them to keep the phone in or directly in front of their locker.