2020-21 Yearly Registration

Deadline Extended to June 1, 2020

PTEC requires all 2020-2021 parents to complete all paperwork located below in the “Paperwork to Complete and Turn in to PTEC” section. This year you may sign online for most of the documents although some must be printed and returned, along with all monies due to ensure a spot for your student.

The “Summer Math and English Packets” section is mandatory for all students as defined in that section.  You may obtain a summer reading book from your local library (they usually run out of books quickly), a local bookstore, or online.

Please come to the front office with a legal guardian’s valid photo ID so our staff can get you set up with an Infinite Campus parent portal account (if your student is completely new to James Irwin).

Annual fees will need to be made at the front office either by exact cash, check, or you may pay online from your IC portal account.  All monies due (past and present fees), must be turned in no later than Monday, June 1.

The window to order uniforms will open on April 1, 2020, will close every end of month and open again on the first of every month until August 30, 2020 which will be the last day to order uniforms.  Please visit the following website to order uniforms –  www.advancedimpressionsinc.com/ptec

The Infinite Campus parent portal provides the following information for you as a parent regarding your student:

  • All missing assignments
  • All in-progress grades
  • Schedule and link to contact teachers directly from that schedule via email
  • Attendance including any tardies accrued
  • Set preferences for how you would like to be contacted
  • Add and edit emergency contact lists for who may pick up your student

If you are the parent of a fifth grade student coming from JICA or JICES to PTEC and you do not remember your login information,  please reset your password for Infinite Campus (IC).  All legal parents/guardians should have their own IC portal account that was assigned to you at JICA or JICES.

  • If you have never logged into IC, you can go to JICA or JICES with your photo ID for access support.
  • If you have used IC but don’t remember your username or password and you have set up your security (recovery) email address in your portal account, you can reset your login credentials by clicking on the “forgot username” or “forgot password” button on the login page of the portal.  If you have not already set up a security email address in your portal account, you will need to go to the front office at JICA or JICES with your photo ID so they can contact Janice Cook to request a password reset for you.

Paperwork to Complete and Turn in to PTEC

Below is the link that will allow you to sign most of the turn-in forms online. If you sign online, the only forms you will need to print and turn in to the office will be the Fee Sheet, Health Information Sheet and Scheduled Absence Form, if applicable. Please click on the link below to sign your Yearly Registration forms online.


Information to Print and Keep

2020-21 PTEC Supply List
2020-21 PTEC Back to School Parent Letter for ALL PARENTS
2020-21 Uniforms Dress Code
2020-21 FAQ
2020-21 PTEC Calendar

Summer Math and English Packets

2020-21 Summer Math 6th Grade
2020-21 Summer Math 7th Grade
2020-21 Summer Math 8th Grade
2020-21 Summer Math 9th Grade

2020-21 PTEC 6th grade Literature
2020-21 PTEC 7th grade Literature
2020-21 PTEC 8th grade Literature
2020-21 PTEC 9-12th grader Summer Reading

Health Paperwork

2020-21 Annual Health Information Form
2020-21 Food Allergy Assessment Form
2020-21 Asthma Packet
2020-21 Diabetes Packet
2020-21 Seizure Packet
2020-21 Immunization Packet
2020-21 Medication Order Form _
2020-21 Illness Guidelines SBHCFlyer